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Japanese Mini Trucks

Purchase stock New or Used Kei Trucks, or you can select from our full customization options. We offer Kei mini trucks with dump beds, heat and air, and automatic transmissions. Japanese MiniTrucks are ideal 4×4 vehicle for hunters, or farms. Many kei japanese mini trucks are available with our constantly changing inventory. We are the Japanese Minitruck Importer!

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What is a Japanese Mini Truck?

Japanese Mini Trucks are commonly referred to as Kei trucks (or Kee class). They are new and used mini trucks that are used regularly in Japan for a variety of duties. From warehouse deliveries, to working on farms – these little trucks are quite impressive. Most have a near 700 lbs cargo capacity.These little wonders are imported into the United States and make wonderful 4×4 used trucks for farmers, hunters or anyone needing some off road capability, a decent cargo capacity, and want the comforts of being in an enclosed cab to keep nasty weather like rain, sleet or snow out while they remain dry and comfortable inside!4×4 dump trucks make all of your jobs a lot easier.They are truly amazing 4×4 farm vehicles!Get rid of your golf cart or ATV and step up to one of our 4WD Kei offroad trucks today.These trucks are for offroad use only.We offer full custom kei trucks. We are THE Kei Truck Customizer for the Midwest.Wonderful off road trucks for a variety of uses. We are a Japan Mini Truck Importer that can get you used or new kei trucks today!

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Japanese Minitrucks

Get rid of your golf cart, or ATV and step up to a mini truck today!

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